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Entry Level Sales Representative

Responsible for ensuring apartment homes are equipped with the highest-quality products, entry level sales representatives sell an assortment of products and services needed by apartment communities. To set you up for success, companies will provide you with ample training that is specific to the product or service you are selling. Candidates who thrive in this role typically have strong interpersonal skills, can manage multiple accounts simultaneously and enjoy social settings.


Outside Sales Representative

Sociable, sales-driven individuals will succeed in a role as an outside sales representative. Tasked with offering apartment communities new and innovative products to help them maintain and grow their properties, outside sales representatives have positive attitudes, strong relationship development skills and quality customer satisfaction levels.

Warehouse Worker

Working in a team environment, warehouse worker positions are for hard-working, reliable and organized individuals. In this job, you will be responsible for managing orders, logging items, updating stock, operating a forklift, maintaining records and more. While this is an entry-level position, you have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and obtain new skills necessary to move into higher-level roles and grow your career.


Quality Assurance Assistant

Ensure that apartment properties meet the highest standards as a quality assurance assistant. Utilizing your customer service experience, strong communication skills and eye for detail, you will be responsible for visiting job sites to ensure that products are installed and functioning correctly and that all deliverables are met. This position may also require paperwork and minor repairs.

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